Business Enhancing Technology

Yesterday we started our 17 Major Mistakes Business Owners Make and we covered 1 through 6. Today we’ll cover 7 through 11, Business Enhancing Technology. Let’s get started:

7. Make sure your files are protected. It may seem like it’s not important, but all your computer files should be backed up. Preferably done automatically with an external hard drive for your computer and in the cloud. Nothing will slow your business down more than losing your files whether it’s your client info or accounting information for tax purposes. I back all my info automatically in the cloud. That way nothing is lost.

8. Stay alert as to what is changing in you industry. Technology is forever changing with new tools being made available every week. By not staying up on the changes, you can very easily be left behind. Running your business with old technology, can reduce productivity and the profitability of your company. Along these same lines, stay up to date with business trends and regulatory issues that change constantly.

9. Up to Date Website. I would hope by now businesses would know that a web presence is essential to being in business. However, it’s come to my attention that most of the websites are outdated and not up to the modern standards. When someone reaches out to connect with you, your website is the first impression of your business. A well put together website can be the difference between getting the business or not. Nowadays many websites are not mobile ready. They say that 60% of all searches are done on mobile. If your site is not mobile ready, how much business are you losing?

10. Never forget security. Every business has information that is proprietary or secret. Personal employee information is critical to keep safe along with client lists. Guard all this information. Make sure it’s locked and secure.

11. Backup the backup and secure the secrets. There are all kinds of information that will be important to your success. And, it all needs to be safe and secure. Redundancy with contingency plans can save your future business.

Tomorrow we’ll cover misc. details that can make a big difference in the big picture.

Again Thanks for the read.

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