Why call this site Bee Creek Brewery?


Bee Creek Brewery.

Why the name?

Seemed like a nice relaxing name.

If you own a business, there will usually come some stressful times.

Having a nice cold beer after work can sometimes be a great way to relax.

Especially if you are with like minded friends.

And Yes, I will have some articles on some good home brews.

Me I’m always about business.

It’s my passion. I love the challenge. And I’ve seen my fair share of challenges also.

I’ve been asked if I have hobbies. I’m not like a regular person.

Some people like to watch football, baseball, or some other sports on TV.

Not me, I want to be in the game of life. Put me in coach. Let me be in the game, NOT, watch the game.

I enjoy discussing business and learning new things. I get excited when I see someone winning in the game of life and business.

Why? because I know what it takes to build something or be great at something. It means that, usually that person put everything in to get where they got. And I respect that very much.

Lots of people want in life but FEW ever really act on what they want.

They lack the intestinal fortitude to achieve. They don’t have the tenacity to endure the learning curve they may need to succeed to level they desired.

Well, this is just a little insight on who I am and what I believe in. Hopefully my posts will give you greater insight about me and that my post will also be of value.

Thanks for the read.

If you need to contact me, I’m here.