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Network Marketing, Can You Make Money & Is it legit?

A friend came to me asking if he could make money in Network Marketing and was it legit? Now I will admit that I have done Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing. And have done it successfully into the 6 figure incomes.

Can Anyone Make Money?

Does that mean anyone could make money. NO! Not unless they are willing to do what is necessary to learn the needed skills. My experience is that most individuals are not willing to learn the skills they need to become the success they dream about. Whether you are involved in a traditional business or networking business, their IS a learning curve and each has skills that need to be learned.

Skills Needed For Success.

Think about a traditional business. A person can be a great electrician, mechanic or plumber and be able to generate a decent income. However, Why do some individuals have large businesses in those same industries and others barely eek out a living. Usually the person with the large business, the owner learned skills that the other person didn’t or wasn’t willing to learn.   Every industry has it’s own unique set of skills needed for success.

Getting Rich Overnight?

Most individuals that get involved in the network marketing industry think that they are going to get rich overnight. That rarely happens. Now I also know individuals that got into that industry while having a job that payed them $35.000 a year. Two years later they had a networking business making $75.000-$100.000 plus per year. Now that’s not what I call rich, but for every sense of the definition of overnight success, I would say that’s a good start.


Why? because most individuals don’t go from $35.000 a year income to $100.000 plus in a two year period. However, these individuals put every waking moment into their business. Most individuals wouldn’t do that. I know that because of what I did and most all of my friends thought I was crazy. I actually achieve way more that that in a 60 day period but it came at a very heavy price. I had already learned some of the skills, which was a tremendous help.

Answering The Question On Legit.

To answer the question of, is network marketing legit? YES, it is. I know lots of people say that it’s nothing more than a pyramid scheme. It can be and that would NOT be legit. but today most network marketing businesses are legit.

I could write a book about what makes it legit and legal or Not, but that’s not the purpose of this post.

It’s no different than commission sales, where you get paid a percentage for the sale of a product or service. And as far as the override on other associates or distributors that you may bring into your network, that’s no different than a sales manager getting an override on their sales staff.

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