Craft Beers And Dining Out

Craft Beers And Dining Out!

The Weekend of Valentines Day

Usually on a Friday night three other business owners and myself go out for a cold craft beer. A buddy of ours owns a limo service and we decided to do something different. We all know how important our wives are to our business success. So we decided that instead of just us guys getting together that we all call our wives and invite them out to an evening with us.

Going in Style with the Ladies!

When each of our wives saw the gorgeous Stretch Lincoln Navigator pull into the drive way, the ladies were excited and we were also. We could all see their excitement of going out in style for an out on the town. We guys were excited also, because we had decided to go to a local craft brewery that we had heard had some great local brews and great food for dining. We got to spend time with our wives AND we were getting a chance to go out and try some great local craft beer!

The Beer Works in Lowell MA.

We chose to go to a place in Lowell, Massachusetts: The Beer Works. They had some pretty incredible beer. They had some dark stout beer. Some were infused with different flavors. One of the beers was in direct connection with Valentines Day. It was a dark stout that was chocolate infused! Rather different in taste. Not something I would want every day but nice to try out. Experiencing new things is always a great experience and adds a sense of adventure.
We found out that the Beer Works had 5 locations in Massachusetts. We went to the one in Lowell, but they also have 2 locations in Boston, 1 in Salem and 1 in Hingham, MA.

Craft Beers and More.

They had a very large selection of their craft beers along with a very nice wine list for the ladies. Their menu was very diverse from appetizers like nachos, chowders, wings to tacos and much more. Their main dishes were from Beer Basted BBQ Steak Tips, Cajun food (some of my favorites) to Sea Food, Chicken even to a simple Macaroni and Cheese.
I was shocked when I saw one of my favorite foods as one of their February Specials: Braised Short Ribs & Cheese Curd ‘Poutine’. For those of you that don’t know what that is, I’ll explain. It’s a Canadian specialty food that’s very simple and considered a comfort food. ‘Poutine’ is real homemade French fries with special Canadian Curd Cheese topped off heavily with rich homemade brown gravy.

I Didn’t Say it was Healthy!

When my wife sees me eating this, she always says it looks like a heart attack waiting to happen. I agree with her. Once in a while, though, it’s OK to have. That’s one of the reasons we work so hard to get ahead! Enjoy!
Well, I hope you enjoyed the read as much as we enjoyed our evening out.

Again, Thanks for the read.
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